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 From Admission to Community Connections

Student Admission

OCC assists international students with a wide range of educational opportunities from Elementary, High School, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Education to a Research Degree in Canada. We offer comprehensive information on the admission process for schools via website orientation or phone inquiries.


International recruitment for Health Care worker- (Personal Support and Healthcare Worker Program)

 Are you thinking of becoming a Health Care worker? OCC can assist you with the application and admission process to any Canadian institution to train and be certified as a Health Care worker in Ontario.As part of the Ontario Government Strategic Plan, the province is investing and working to improve the Long-Term Care sector by training and hiring more staff in Ontario.Program duration is anything from 30- 35 weeks – Fees from $13,000 – $18,000.


Canada Visa

OCC provides information, support and assistance regarding Canadian Visa applications for international students. After a student receives an LOA (Letter of acceptance), our counsellors are available to help with applying for the Student Visa/Study permit. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is responsible for issuing a visa to the eligible student.

Open Work Permit in Canada

A work permit exists in the Canadian immigration system, which is not tied to a specific employer and is exempt from labour market opinion requirements. Work permits are possible for accompanying spouses. Our counsellors can provide information to support students in applying for the permit



Oasis is fully aware that securing a place in Canada and settling can be challenging, time-consuming and stressful for newcomers. That’s why we developed a comprehensive service for our clients that identifies international students’ challenges when planning to leave their home for a school overseas. Sometimes, regardless of the information people receive, it is more beneficial to have representatives that have “walked the walk”…experience helps!

Oasis will assist the students on how to access affordable accommodations close to their schools (homestay). We strive to ensure an easy settlement process such as banking services, medical insurance, tour orientation and other miscellaneous services.


Oasis provides support, information, referrals and advocacy in partnership with professional associations regarding different programs and services such as mental health, social determinant of health, child protection, spouse abuse/support, anger management, and conflict resolution.

Student Placement Opportunity

OCC is committed to placing international students within our business community to acquire the required experience as stated in the student learning objective or help the student with Canadian workplace experience.

Mentorship Job Placement

OCC provides foreign professionals/students with Canadian Labour Market information. We match participants with successful professionals in various sectors and services to acquire professional development. OCC also works closely with employment specialists to assist with job and volunteer placement in various professions and services.

Information Referrals and Advocacy

 We support newcomers to access programs and services, community and business information to provide our clients with Canadian experience. We also collaborate with community lawyers such as immigration, criminal, family and human rights lawyers.

Employment Consultant

Oasis helps students with employment-related services such as:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Resume development
  • Cover letter development
  • Job search workshops
  • Mock interview preparation
  • Networking groups

Financial Education

We organize forums and seminars on government programs to create awareness of financial services and benefits. Oasis provides referrals to other services such as income tax clinics, accounting, and bookkeeping for financial education.